Forthcoming Open Access Books

Pedagogical Partnerships
A How-To Guide for Faculty, Students, and Academic Developers in Higher Education
Alison Cook-Sather, Melanie Bahti, and Anita Ntem

Pedagogical Partnerships and its accompanying resources will provide step-by-step guidance to support the conceptualization, development, launch, and sustainability of pedagogical partnership programs in the classroom and curriculum. Pedagogical partnerships increase engaged learning and challenge higher education communities to reframe the traditionally hierarchical structure of teacher-student relationships.
December 2019

The Power of Partnership
Students, Staff, and Faculty Revolutionizing Higher Education
Edited by Lucy Mercer-Mapstone and Sophia Abbot

This book is an engaging and accessible resource that celebrates the nuance and depth of student-faculty partnerships in higher education. It aims to break the mold of traditional and power-laden academic writing by showcasing creative genres such as reflection, poetry, dialogue, interview, vignette, and essay. The collection has invited chapters from renowned scholars in the field alongside new student and staff voices, and it reflects and embodies a wide range of student-staff partnership perspectives from different roles, identities, cultures, countries, and institutions.
January 2020

Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
A Practical Guide
Mick Healey, Kelly E. Matthews, and Alison Cook-Sather

At once a practical guide for writing about learning and teaching in higher education and an inspirational and engaging argument for writing as conversation, as identity development, and as an active process of learning, this book discusses established practices for writing and publishing, recommends new approaches, and challenges readers to expand notions of scholarship by describing the process of publishing across a range of genres. The guide also shares a variety of international approaches to writing about learning and teaching.
Summer 2020