Table of Contents

Foreword by Brad Johnson, PhD

Introduction: Considering Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Context by Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Paul C. Miller, and Jessie L. Moore

  1. “Mentored undergraduate research: An investigation of students’ perceptions of its impact on identity development” by Ruth J. Palmer, Andrea N. Hunt, Michael R. Neal, and Brad Wuetherick
  2. “Mentoring Strategies that Support Underrepresented Students in Undergraduate Research” by Jenny Olin Shanahan
  3. “Undergraduate Research Mentoring Relationships: A Mechanism for Developing Social Capital for Underrepresented Students” by Pamela W. Garner, Duhita Mahatmya, Rebecca M. Jones, and Shannon N. Davis
  4. “Striving for Excellence in Undergraduate-Research Mentoring: The Challenges and Approaches to Ten Salient Practices” by Helen Walkington, Eric Hall, Jenny Olin Shanahan, Elizabeth Ackley, and Kearsley Stewart
  5. “Supporting Faculty Development for Mentoring in Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work” by Vicki L. Baker, Jane Greer, Laura G. Lunsford, Dijana Ihas, and Meghan J. Pifer
  6. “Co-Mentoring in Undergraduate Research: A Faculty Development Perspective” by Caroline J. Ketcham, Eric E. Hall, Heather Fitz Gibbon, and Helen Walkington
  7. “Mentored Undergraduate Research at Scale: Undergraduate Research in the Curriculum and as Pedagogy” by Brad Wuetherick, John W. Willison, and Jenny Olin Shanahan
  8. “Reflection 1: Mentoring Relationships at Community Colleges” by Jim Hewlett
  9. Reflection 2: Mentoring Relationships at Faith-Based Institutions” by Susan Larson

Afterword by Jessie L. Moore