Jessie L. Moore and Peter Felten

Preface: Global Competency: Where We’ve Been and Where We Need to Go
Neal Sobania and Michael Vande Berg

Nina Namaste and Amanda Sturgill

Part One: Intent and Evidence in Designing Global Learning Practices

1) Mapping Understanding of Global Engagement
Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Joann Ruelle, and Tim Peeples

2) Approaching Internationalization as an Ecosystem
Linda Drake Gobbo, Joseph G. Hoff

Part Two: Using Multi-institutional Research on Study Away to Understand the Context of Gaps

3) When Does Global Learning Begin? Recognizing the Value of Student Experiences Prior to Study Away
Scott Manning, Zachary Frieders, Lynette Bikos

4) Exploring Patterns of Student Global Learning Choices: A Multi-Institutional Study
Iris Berdrow, Rebecca Cruise, Ekaterina Levintova, Sabine Smith, Laura Boudon, Dan Paracka, and Paul Worley

5) Crossing Borders at Home: The Promise of Global Learning Close to Campus
Amanda Sturgill

6) Assessing Intercultural Competence in Student Writing: A Multi-Institutional Study
Melanie Rathburn, Jodi Malmgren, Ashley Brenner, Michael Carignan, Jane Hardy, and Andrea Paras

7) Up for the Challenge? The Role of Disorientation and Dissonance in Intercultural Learning
Andrea Paras and Lynne Mitchell

8) Global Competence Development: Blended Learning within a Constructivist Paradigm
Bert Vercamer, Linda Stuart, and Hazar Yildirim

9) Have Interest, Will NOT Travel: Unexpected Reasons Why Students Opt Out of International Study
Ekaterina Levintova, Sabine Smith, Rebecca Cruise, Iris Berdrow, Laura Boudon, Dan Paracka, Paul Worley

10) #FacultyMatter: Faculty Support and Interventions Integrated into Global Learning
Prudence Layne, Sarah Glasco, Joan Gillespie, Dana Gross, Lisa Jasinski

Part Three: Assessing Expanded Notions of Global Learning

11) Expanding the Perceptions and Realities of Global Learning: Connecting Disciplines Through Integrative Global Learning and Assessment
Darla Deardorff and Dawn Whitehead

12) Assessing Global Competency Development in Diverse Learning Environments
Horane Holgate, Heidi Parker, and Charles Calahan

13) Opportunities and Challenges of Ethical, Effective Global Learning
Nina Namaste and Amanda Sturgill

Epilogue: Global Learning as High-Quality Engaged Learning
Jessie L. Moore

Appendix: Elon Statement on Integrating Global Learning with the University Experience: Higher-Impact Study Abroad and Off-Campus Domestic Study
Editors and Contributors