Chapter 17: Talking About Learning and Teaching: Conference and Workshop Presentations

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Chapter 17 discusses how presenting at conferences and other meetings, such as workshops, seminars, and symposia, is a major professional activity for scholars that provides opportunities to explore research ideas and findings before submitting them for publication, discuss the application of published work to practice, co-create new ideas, investigate research agendas, and exchange practices. The chapter concludes with a call to contribute to the redesign of these events to enhance the learning of both presenters and participants.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you have a scholarly contribution that you would like to present at a conference or in a workshop to share findings, obtain input, or both?
  2. Which conferences attract the kind of participants who would be interested in your topic and with whom you want to be in conversation?
  3. How can you best show that you meet the proposal criteria for the conference and presentation format in which you are interested, and how does that format contribute to the development of your voice and identity as a scholar of learning and teaching?
  4. How can you make your conference or workshop presentation lively and interesting and, where possible, engage participants actively such that you further everyone’s learning?
  5. If you are organizing a learning and teaching conference, how might you structure it to making it primarily a learning event?

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