Chapter 22: Applying, Reflecting, and Evidencing: Teaching Awards, Fellowships, and Promotions

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Chapter 22 begins by putting the discussion of applying for teaching awards, fellowships, and promotions in the context of the debate in higher education over the status of teaching and research into learning and teaching. Then, it unpacks the nature of these forms of writing, presents a flexible guide to the organization and composition of these applications, and discusses what to look out for to enhance your chances of success.

Discussion Questions

  1. In the next three years, which teaching award, fellowship, and promotion opportunities will you consider putting in an application for?
  2. What can you do to develop experiences and evidence that will support your applications for these and other opportunities as they arise?
  3. Which of the four dimensions of the Professional Standards Framework provide the best fit for your experiences of teaching, supporting learning, and leadership in learning?

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