Part 1: Understanding the Book and Meeting the Authors

Chapter 1: Articulating Our Goals

Chapter 2: Situating our work

Part 2: Embracing the Potential of Writing about Learning and Teaching

Introduction to Part 2

Chapter 3: Creating and Contributing to Scholarly Conversations through Writing

Chapter 4: Fostering Identity through a Values-based Approach to Writing

Chapter 5: Conceptualizing Writing as a Learning Process

Part 3: Clarifying Your Purpose and Preparing to Draft

Introduction to Part 3

Chapter 6: Reflecting on Motivations

Chapter 7: Writing Alone or with Others

Chapter 8: Choosing an Outlet

Chapter 9: Selecting a Title

Chapter 10: Preparing the Abstract

Part 4: Writing in Different Genres

Introduction to Part 4

Chapter 11: Extending the Conventional Writing Genres: Naming and Clarifying

Chapter 12: Analyzing and Reporting Data: Empirical Research Articles

Chapter 13: Advancing New Perspectives: Theoretical and Conceptual Articles

Chapter 14: Synthesizing What We Already Know: Literature Reviews

Chapter 15: Focusing on Practical Experiences: Case Studies

Chapter 16: Telling a Bigger Story: Books and Edited Collections

Chapter 17: Talking about Learning and Teaching: Conference and Workshop Presentations

Chapter 18: Revealing the Process: Reflective Essays

Chapter 19: Provoking Thought: Opinion Pieces

Chapter 20: Sharing Everyday Lived Experiences: Stories

Chapter 21: Engaging in Scholarly Conversations Online: Social Media

Chapter 22: Applying, Reflecting, and Evidencing: Teaching Awards, Fellowships, and Promotions

Part 5: Writing Efficiently, Effectively, and Energizingly

Introduction to Part 5

Chapter 23: Allotting Time and Choosing Space to Write

Chapter 24: Writing and Rewriting Your Draft

Chapter 25: Becoming an Engaging Writer

Chapter 26: Seeking Networks, Critical Friends, and Feedback

Part 6: Submitting, Responding to Reviewers, and Promoting Your Work

Introduction to Part 6

Chapter 27: Preparing for Submission

Chapter 28: Responding to Reviewers and Dealing with Rejection

Chapter 29: Promoting Your Published Work and Developing a Publication Plan


Chapter 30: Reflecting on the Potential of Writing about Learning and Teaching