Studying Engaged Learning

In addition to fostering investigations of high-impact practices and engaged learning and hosting multi-institutional research and practice-based initiatives, conferences, and seminars, the Center for Engaged Learning shares strategies for studying engaged learning. Our series includes the following resources:

"SoTL is exciting because of its humbling sincerity. It brings together people who just want to talk about teaching and learning."

What We Love: Student Motivations for Engaging in SoTL

by Sophia Abbot Student involvement at ISSOTL is growing. As a newly elected member of the ISSOTL Board, I serve as a student representative in conversations about the society’s growth and strategic planning, as well as about SoTL more broadly. …

“good practice requires engaging students in the inquiry process.” (Felten, 2013 p.123)

What Does SoTL Have to do with Students?

by Sophia Abbot This past October, the International Society of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) met in Bergen, Norway, to share SoTL projects, practices, and findings. On the Center for Engaged Learning’s “What is SoTL?” page, we define …