Reference List Entry:

Hurtado, Sylvia, Cynthia L. Alverez, Chelsea Guillermo-Wann, Marcela Cuellar, and Lucy Arellano. 2012. "A Model for Diverse Learning Environments." In Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, vol 27, edited by John C. Smart and Michael B. Paulsen, 41-122. Springer.

About this Book Chapter:

The authors give an overview of their comprehensive Multi-Contextual Model for Diverse Learning Environments (DLE). The overarching purpose of their model, which centers the experiences of historically underrepresented minorities (HURMS), is to acknowledge three main points: (1) Multiple nested contexts continuously and dynamically intersect, while providing spheres of influence for individuals who occupy space within the university. (2) Students, faculty, and staff are agents of change who have the power to generate movements of campus climate change. Lastly, (3) the goal or outcome of an institution is the creation of persons who continuously seek out opportunities to learn and are not only competent in a multicultural world but active citizens that will contribute to “our collective social and economic success.” This chapter is critical to understanding the context relationships are developing within.

Annotation contributed by Dr. Buffie Longmire-Avital