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Mullen, Carol A, and Cindy C Klimaitis. 2021. "Defining Mentoring: A Literature Review of Issues, Types, and Applications." Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1483 (1): 19-35.

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This literature review discussed how some of the traditional definitions of mentoring may be falling out of favor. In traditional definitions of mentoring the career function may have carried more weight, but in more recently the psychosocial aspects of mentoring are becoming more prominent. To show this diversity in thinking, the authors describe nine mentoring alternatives or types: formal; informal; diverse; electronic; comentoring/collaborative; group; peer; multilevel; and cultural mentoring. Throughout the discussion of different mentoring options, it seems that issues related to DEI are present, as well as the recognition that development is not one-way, “mentees and mentors alike are learner, comentor, and change agent” (32).

Annotation by Eric Hall