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McDonald, James, and Lynn Dominguez. 2015. "Developing University and Community Partnerships: A Critical Piece of Successful Service Learning." Journal of College Science Teaching 44 (3): 52-56.

About this Journal Article:

Developing a positive partnership with a community organization is a critical aspect service-learning. McDonald and Dominguez discuss best practice for service-learning and explain a framework for developing a successful partnership in the community. Faculty need to

  1. Identify the objectives of the course that will be met through service,
  2. Identify the community organization whose mission or self-identified need can be address with service-learning,
  3. Define the purpose of the project, the roles, responsibilities and benefits of individuals involved,
  4. Maintain regular communication with the community partner, and
  5. Invite the community partner to the culminating student presentation on their service-learning.

Two service-learning projects, one for an environmental course and another for an elementary methods science course, are described along with the positive outcomes for students and community partners.