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Wilson, Sean, Julie Philips, Helen Meskhidze, Claire Lockhard, Peter Felten, Susannah McGowan, and Stephen Block-Schulman. 2020. "From Novelty to Norm." In The Power of Partnership: Students, Staff, and Faculty Revolutionizing Higher Education, edited by Lucy Mercer-Mapstone and Sophia Abbot, 43-60. Elon. NC: Center for Engaged Learning.

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In this chapter, we follow two student-faculty projects, focusing on the students’ experiences therein, to surface ongoing concerns about the full inclusion of undergraduate students in the scholarship of teaching and learning. We then turn to the notions of internal exclusion and double justification to explore how those who are included in the conversation may still not fully be heard and how students and student-faculty partnerships are often met with skepticism and thus face a justificatory burden that other research does not. We conclude with a call to shift the frame from the question asked or implied of student-faculty partnerships: “why are students involved in this research?”; instead, we call for us to collectively ask those projects that do not include students “why aren’t students involved with this research?”

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