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Lenihan-Ikin, Isabella, Brad Olsen, Kathryn A Sutherland, Emma Tennent, and Marc Wislon. 2020. "Partnership as a Civic Process." In The Power of Partnership: Students, Staff, and Faculty Revolutionizing Higher Education, edited by Lucy Mercer-Mapstone and Sophia Abbot, 87-98. Elon, NC: Center for Engaged Learning.

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A team of students and academics at Victoria University of Wellington in Aotearoa New Zealand set out to investigate and demonstrate the potential of partnership as a civic process in research and in teaching. In this chapter, we offer a poetic summary of our project’s research findings, and we treat the university as a civic realm and community with its own intrinsic power dynamics. Through a narrative case study, we reflect on how our project challenged, unraveled, and got caught up in those power relations. We offer some celebrations of and warnings about growing partnerships in curricula and in research.

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