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Inks, Scott, and Ramon Avila. 2008. "Preparing the Next Generation of Sales Professionals through Social, Experiential, and Immersive Learning Experiences." Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education 13 (1): 47-55.

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This article focuses on designing studentdirected, authentic, community-based learning experiences for students and the need for an active facilitative guide from a faculty member. This article draws nuanced learning engagement distinctions between types of work-integrated learning experiences and models of service learning. It also points out interesting differences between the immersive learning experiences as described in the article and internships stating that in the former students benefit from the active and continual involvement by a faculty member in ways that aren’t part of the typical internship experience. The article further defines the team-based approach of the designed immersive learning experience and the inherent value of students experiencing and learning from the authentic, partnered work together.