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Evans, Karen, David Guile, Judy Harris, and Helen Allan. 2010. "Putting Knowledge to Work: A New Approach." Nurse Education Today 30 (3): 245-251.

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This article examines the process of connecting theory to practice and outlines a “new approach” to formulating these connections. Allan et al. utilize nursing education as a case study to frame their approach. The main tenet of their approach is re-contextualization; knowledge learned in one context has to be recontextualized to in different ways that utilize that knowledge. The framework of recontextualization overcomes the theory to practice gap that they saw in nursing education. They also examine some of the implementations in terms of how it plays into building curricula. They discuss gradual release, which is reflective of how curricula are scaffolded, building on base knowledge and skill as learners move through their education. The principle of gradual release is integral to building connections to broader contexts and the principles of recontextualization will help us how to increase these connections to broader contexts.  

Annotation contributed by Ellery Ewell, 2021-2023 CEL Student Scholar