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Alanson, Erik R., Erin M. Alanson, Brittany Arthur, Aaron Burdette, Christopher Cooper, and Michael Sharp. 2020. "Re-envisioning Work-Integrated Learning During a Pandemic: Cincinnati’s Experiential Explorations Program." International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning 21 (5): 505-519.

About this Journal Article:

This study examines the array of WIL opportunities offered and how they were reimagined and adapted to fit the needs of the people involved during the COVID-19 global health crisis. The flexible and innovative measures taken by the University of Cincinnati to continue and improve upon their offerings show that, for UC, student well-being and the health and success of faculty-scholars, administrators, and students is of the utmost importance to them. While it is still too early to have conclusive evidence on the success of the newer programs, the fact that we can see how well-adapted these programs can be shows that Work-Integrated Learning can survive and thrive in the most turbulent times.