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Bleakney, Julia, Li Li, Emily Holland, Paula Rosinski, and Jessie L Moore. 2021. "Rhetorical Training Across the University: What and Where Students and Alumni Learn about Writing." Composition Forum 47 (Fall 2021).

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The authors report on a survey of students and alumni, examining their “rhetorical training”—their writing knowledge and experiences across multiple courses, campus employment, and workplace contexts. The survey asked participants to identify their most often written genres and their most valued type of writing, the rhetorical situations in which they compose their most valued genre, and the writing processes they have developed. The authors examined the multiple sources of rhetorical training that participants believe prepared them to write their most valued genre. Multiple rhetorical training experiences prepare writers for the writing they value, and both students and alumni describe robust writing processes and appreciate feedback from others. Yet alumni continue to express challenges adapting writing for new audiences and genres.