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Seery, Christina, Andrea Andres, Niamh Moore-Cherry, and Sara O'Sullivan. 2021. "Students as Partners in Peer Mentoring: Expectations, Experiences and Emotions." Innovative Higher Education 46: 663–681.

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This research article discussed a peer mentoring program that was an orientation to Social Sciences program with the primary goal to develop social networks  at the University College Dublin. This program mentors about 500 students with 66 peer mentors. In this study, peer mentors helped design and deliver the program and then some served as co-researchers. Three themes were identified for the mentors. First, peer mentors built relationships amongst students as well as university staff; the latter suggesting that the partnership approach worked. Second, there was a disconnect in expectations and experience of the program. Mentors expected to have more of an altruistic benefit for the mentees, but felt that much of their role was pragmatic helping navigate the university and less relational. Finally, as a result of not having the relational experience they expected, mentors experienced disappointment and feelings of rejection.

Annotation by Eric Hall