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Dean, Bonnie A, Michelle J. Eady, and Hannah Milliken. 2021. "The Value of Embedding Work-Integrated Learning and Other Transitionary Supports into the First Year Curriculum: Perspectives of First Year Subject Coordinators." Journal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability 12 (2): 51-64.

About this Journal Article:

The authors sought to determine how WIL can be integrated into students’ experiences of transitioning to college during their first year. Ten Subject Coordinators were interviewed, and each participant was asked to explain how their subject supported first-year students’ transition into college and then asked about WIL. They found that most important experiences fall into either an academic or social category. Results show that the academic experience supports the first transition, social experiences support the second, and WIL can and should be implemented in the third transition, a student’s transition into becoming a professional.