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Costa, Christina Naegeli, and Lauren Christine Mims. 2021. "Using Notecard Check-Ins to Build Relationships and Establish a Climate of Care." College Teaching 69 (1): 32-33.

About this Journal Article:

Costa and Mims describe using notecards to check-in with students at the beginning or end of class as a way to build rapport. In this “Quick Fix” article, they describe distributing index cards to their students periodically during the semester. They ask students to respond to questions about their stress level, self-care plans, or recent good news, and the instructors respond either individually or with synthesized responses to the class. Costa and Mims write, “Setting aside five minutes during class has allowed us to quickly and easily learn (1) what is currently causing distress, (2) the good and the bad things that are going on in students’ lives, and (3) whether students are utilizing resources on campus that they might need. As a result, notecard check-ins have fostered a greater sense of connection between us and our students” (33). 

Annotation contributed by Dr. Buffie Longmire-Avital