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Eady, Michelle J., Ina Alexandra Machura, Radhika Jaidev, Kara Taczak, Michael-John Depalma, and Lilian W. Mina. 2021. "Writing transfer and work-integrated learning in higher education: Transnational research across disciplines." International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning 22 (2): 183-197.

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From the published abstract: “This article explores ways that work-integrated learning (WIL) scholarship and the field of writing studies can benefit from intentional engagement in the context of transfer research. This conceptual paper foregrounds writing in WIL contexts, introduces writing transfer and its relationship to writing in WIL contexts, discusses conceptual
overlaps of writing transfer research and WIL, and suggests what writing transfer can mean for WIL practitioners. Overall, we argue that intentional engagement with writing transfer can enrich both WIL research and pedagogy.”