The importance of undergraduate research has been embraced by virtually every disciplinary corner of the academy; however, misconceptions still exist regarding undergraduate research in the more “applied” practices of professional schools, one of the fastest growing areas for undergraduate research (Shanahan et al., 2015).  The practice of undergraduate research varies across the disciplines–professional and otherwise (Kinkead, 2003), and mentoring in different professional disciplines, in particular, warrants further investigation and elaboration.

For the Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring (PURM) Fall 2016 special issue on Mentoring Undergraduate Research in the Professional Disciplines, educators and students are invited to submit papers that explore the unique challenges and experiences of mentoring undergraduate research in these professional fields.  We are open to all topics that address this broad theme. Papers should, however, address the unique challenges posed in implementing undergraduate research experiences in the professions.

PURM is an open, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal supporting the mission of undergraduate research and the programs that strive to provide undergraduate students opportunities to participate in scholarly activities with faculty mentors. PURM’s unique focus on the process of undergraduate research and mentoring rather than the products of these activities provides a space for the growing undergraduate research community to share experiences, opportunities, concerns, and challenges in a rigorous, professional venue.

Submissions must have a student author or co-author, and should address mentoring of undergraduate research in one or multiple professional disciplines, either through a theoretical, empirical, review, experiential dialogue, conversation/roundtable, or viewpoint perspective. For more information about the types of articles accepted by PURM, please visit the website at:

Submissions are encouraged to focus on one or more of the following professional disciplines, including agriculture, business, communications, computer science, education, engineering, geography, nursing, public health, public policy, social work, or other related fields. Authors may also propose a discipline or type of research not listed above.

To be considered for the Special Issue on Mentoring Undergraduate Research in the Professional Disciplines, Fall 2016, manuscripts must be received by February 1, 2016. Full submission guidelines may be found on PURM’s website at  Any questions regarding PURM, the submission and review process, or article inquiries for the Special Issue may be directed to Dr. Lucinda Austin ( or Dr. Steve DeLoach (, Special Guest Editors. All other inquires may be directed to Dr. Meredith Allison, Editor-in-Chief, PURM:

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