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Through the Eyes of a Student: Attending an Interdisciplinary Multi-institutional Conference on Engaged Learning

We, the CEL Student Scholars, were invited to attend CEL’s Conference on Engaged Learning. The conference was geared towards unpacking pedagogical approaches to engaged learning, specifically regarding capstone experiences and writing beyond the university. Many of the attendees had professional expertise…

"Oftentimes traditional learning is perceived as something limited to a classroom with four walls... This belief Is a misconception, for learning is ongoing, experienced in all settings, and for everyone."

Through the Eyes of a Student: A Restructured Approach to Igniting Conversation

We, the CEL Student Scholars, were given the opportunity to present at the Conference for Engaged Learning’s Ignite session. An Ignite Presentation is intended to initiate conversation following a brief introduction on a topic. With Ignite’s slogan being “enlighten us,…

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Through the Eyes of a Student: An Essential Shift in Positionality

To briefly recap our last post, we (the first team of CEL Student Scholars) detailed our experience navigating feelings of imposter syndrome within our first few days at the 2021 (Re)examining Conditions for Meaningful Learning Experiences Seminar. As the research…

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Including Students in Multi-Institutional Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

In a recent blog post, the three inaugural Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) Student Scholars responded to an invitation to document their experiences engaging in CEL’s 2021-2023 research seminar, Re-Examining Conditions for Meaningful Learning Experiences. During their preparation for the…

As student scholars, we had a unique perspective to offer throughout the seminar and to share with the academic community.

Through the Eyes of a Student: An Interdisciplinary, Multi-institutional Research Seminar

As defined by the Center’s website, “the Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) Student Scholar program is a three-year, mentored opportunity for students to collaborate with Elon University faculty and staff on CEL’s international, multi-institutional research on specific engaged learning topics….