Use Journal Alerts

Journal alerts notify you via email when a new issue has been published. This helps you stay current on published articles and discussions in the field. The video below explains how to set up journal alerts.

Use Database Alerts

Database alerts notify you via email when new content has become available in the database. The content can range from new journal issues to articles with specific keywords. The videos below explain how to set up database alerts.

Creating Alerts in Google Scholar
Creating Alerts in ProQuest
Creating Alerts in EBSCO
Creating Alerts in Elsevier

Other Tips

  • Set keyword alerts from Google Scholar: Keyword alerts in Google Scholar notify via email when new articles and books are published with keywords that are of interest to you. The videos below explain how to set up Google Scholar alerts.
  • Attend conferences: SoTL conferences are vibrant events where many ideas are exchanged.
  • Connect with your institution’s center for teaching and learning or equivalent department
  • Follow SoTL scholars and organizations on social media