I am not saying that critical mentoring will have you defying gravity and other laws of nature; I am stating that true critical mentoring is when you can see or at least acknowledge how various contexts and identities both surround and shape not just your student but yourself.

Critical Mentoring is Custom Fitted to the Student

April 2, 2020No Comments

by Buffie Longmire-Avital There is no shortage of research on the importance of mentorship within high impact practices for students from underrepresented minority backgrounds. We know that mentorship builds resilience (Inman, 2020; Ramos 2019) and facilitates retention (Davis, 2017; Wilson …

Rather than serve as immovable barriers to our work, disagreements have the potential to push our teaching and learning together into newer, more creative, or more transparent spaces. 

Generative Disagreements in Student-Faculty Partnerships

March 30, 2020No Comments

by Sophia Abbot Recently, colleagues at Elon discussed two new publications in the Center for Engaged Learning’s Open Access Book Series: Pedagogical Partnerships and The Power of Partnership. Folks in these conversations repeatedly returned to the challenge of working through …

Defining the Characteristics of Immersive Learning

March 10, 2020No Comments

by Phillip Motley Attempting to fully define the characteristics of immersive learning is a distinct challenge. What pedagogies count and which ones don’t? Is there a specific line in the sand that demarcates what is and isn’t immersive learning, and …

Supporting Integrative Learning Through Prompted Reflection

February 20, 2020One Comment

The Center’s director, Jessie L. Moore, and Elon colleagues Paul C. Miller (Assistant Provost for Academic Operations and Communications) and Danielle Lake (Director of Design Thinking) presented “Supporting Integrative Learning Through Prompted Reflection: Developing a Mentoring Toolkit for HIPs” on …