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Peseta, Tai, Jenny Pizzica, Ashley Beathe, Chinnu Jose, Racquel Lynch, Marisse Manthos, Kathy Nguyen, and Hassan Raza. 2020. "A Partnership Mindset." In The Power of Partnership: Students, Staff, and Faculty Revolutionizing Higher Education, edited by Lucy Mercer-Mapstone and Sophia Abbot, 107-117. Elon, NC: Center for Engaged Learning.

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Much of the existing Students as Partners (SAP) research focuses on educational transformation that takes place inside universities, for example, in relation to teaching, research, student learning, curriculum design, and governance. In this chapter, we trace the effects of our SAP initiatives at Western Sydney University on students’ lives outside the academy—in their workplaces, families, and communities. In our conversations together we have come to use the term “partnership mindset” to understand how curriculum partnership has translated to a partnership way of being and working with others.

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