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Narayanan, Desika, and Sophia Abbot. 2020. "Increasing the Participation of Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Classes through Student-Instructor Partnerships." In The Power of Partnership: Students, Staff, and Faculty Revolutionizing Higher Education, edited by Lucy Mercer-Mapship and Sophia Abbot, 181-195. Elon, NC: Center for Engaged Learning.

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In this chapter, we explore the impact of a student-faculty partnership on increasing the participation of underrepresented minority students in an astrophysics class. We describe the evolution of one class aimed at prospective majors in the fall of their sophomore year, and one class aimed at first-year students as an introduction to the field broadly. We discuss the techniques employed in our partnership to make sense of students’ experiences and offer feedback on teaching. The chapter is conversational and dialogic as Desika (the instructor) and Sophia (the former student) reflect together on themes that overlap between their course experience and the partnership experience itself: clarifying expectations, pausing and checking in, and reassuring and acknowledging.

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