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Young, Dallin George, Tracy L Skipper, and Rico R Reed. 2023. "Institutional Considerations for Capstones on Campus: Perspectives Based on National Data on Senior Culminating Experiences." In Cultivating Capstones: Designing High-Quality Culminating Experiences for Student Learning, edited by Caroline J Ketcham , Anthony G Weaver and Jessie L Moore, 55-70. Elon, NC: Elon University Center for Engaged Learning.

About this Book Chapter:

For institutions of higher education and the professionals that work in them, the senior year represents the final opportunity to prepare seniors to face the demands that lie ahead. Therefore, if institutions wish to capitalize on the opportunities and obligations to provide meaningful culminating experiences through senior capstones, their design and execution must be intentionally and integrally connected to undergraduate education. Interested stakeholders at colleges and universities are likely to find a multiplicity of forms diffused throughout their organizations, making this task fraught with challenges.

This chapter, based on the National Survey of Senior Capstone Experiences, highlights the various forms that capstone experiences takes on campuses across the United States. Then the chapter interrogates the national landscape, highlighting institutional concerns for the senior year.