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Cook-Sather, Alison, Melanie Bahti, and Anita Ntem. 2020. Pedagogical Partnerships: A How-To Guide for Faculty, Students, and Academic Developers in Higher Education. Elon, NC: Center for Engaged Learning.

About this Book:

Pedagogical Partnerships and its accompanying resources provide step-by-step guidance to support the conceptualization, development, launch, and sustainability of pedagogical partnership programs in the classroom and curriculum. This definitive guide is written for faculty, students, and academic developers who are looking to use pedagogical partnerships to increase engaged learning, create more equitable and inclusive educational experiences, and reframe the traditionally hierarchical structure of teacher-student relationships.

Filled with practical advice, Pedagogical Partnerships provides extensive materials so that readers don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but rather can adapt time-tested strategies and techniques to their own unique contexts and goals.