Reference List Entry:

Brundiers, Katja, Arnim Wiek, and Charles L. Redman. 2010. "Real‐world Learning Opportunities in Sustainability: From Classroom into the Real World." International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 11 (4): 308-324.

About this Journal Article:

Brundiers et al. look at sustainability education and how it can be supported by real world experiences, including project-based learning, service learning, and internships. Giving students real world experiences helps their acquisition of goals related to the sustainability education they are receiving. From collaborative work to and problem-solving skills, these real-world experiences contributed to the student’s sustainability education. This article also highlighted how real-world experiences play into the curriculum and then how the skills they are supposed to be acquiring fit into the progression. This article served as a case study for what implementation of real-world experiences may look like, and how they can be fit into the curriculum on a wider scale.  

Annotation contributed by Ellery Ewell, 2021-2023 CEL Student Scholar