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Yancey, Kathleen Blake, D. Alexis Hart, Ahsley J. Holmes, Anna V. Knutston, Íde O'Sullivan, and Yogesh Sinha. 2022. "“There is a Lot of Overlap”: Tracing Writing Development Across Spheres of Writing." In Writing Beyond the University Preparing Lifelong Learners for Lifewide Writing, edited by Julia Bleakney, Jessie L Moore and Paula Rosinski, 74-90. Elon, NC: Elon University Center for Engaged Learning.

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Asking students who have completed first-year writing about the contexts in which they write (including classrooms, workplaces, cocurriculars, and internships) and their understandings of relationships between and across these contexts, the research team examines the complex relationships between and among these different contexts, what the authors call “recursivities.”