Reference List Entry:

van der Kleij, Fabienne, and Lenore Adie. 2020. "Towards Effective Feedback: an Investigation of Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of Oral Feedback in Classroom Practice." Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy, & Practice 27 (3): 252-270.

About this Journal Article:

In this piece, the effectiveness of feedback strategies are tested to determine what styles of feedback genuinely provide the most support to students. The journal article begins by discussing the merit of using explanations in place of simple corrective feedback in a timely manner to the interception of the issue. Alongside this concept, it was recommended that teachers profile their students to determine how one might go about receiving, perceiving, interpreting, and understanding the information presented to them. Such is important given that feedback is only as powerful as a student’s perception of it, in which case students oftentimes refuse to utilize the feedback received. To offer a unique perspective away from surveys, this journal used oral classroom feedback alongside video-stimulated recall to gather perceptions of feedback within one-on-one conversations to provide a time for reflection and correction. The results concluded that 30% of teacher feedback is not recognized by students, and further that around 30% of the feedback recognized was interpreted as per the teacher’s intention.  

 Annotation contributed by Christina Wyatt, 2021-2023 CEL Student Scholar