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Grabsch, Dustin K, Jennifer E Eidum, James C Penven, and Jennifer B Post. 2023. "Who? What? Where? Why? Understanding Faculty-in-Residence Programs." In The Faculty Factor Developing Faculty Engagement with Living-Learning Communities, edited by Jennifer E Eidum and Lara L Lomicka, 185-200. Elon, NC: Elon University Center for Engaged Learning.

About this Book Chapter:

This chapter provides an overview of Faculty-in-Residence programs, including demographics, FIR program structures, and the benefits to FIR, to students, and to the institution. Authors focus specifically on these FIR faculty, and the contributions and challenges of FIR programs to present the whowhat, and where of FIR programs, which show us the why underscoring the increasing popularity of FIR programs in the United States, with data gleaned from a nationwide survey of FIRs themselves, as well as current statistics on FIR programs.