What can institutions do to help faculty become good mentors of undergraduate research? We asked participants in the Center’s research seminar on Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research to share institutional practices that foster mentoring of undergraduate research.

As the scholars discuss, institutions can support mentoring of undergraduate research through evaluation processes that value mentoring, financial resources for faculty to mentor undergraduate research projects, and mentor networks. Supporting faculty members’ commitment of time to mentoring, though, is one of the key practices institutions can implement to foster undergraduate research, and institutions can provide that time commitment in a variety of ways (e.g., course release or compensation for mentoring, compensation for summer mentoring programs that’s commensurate with summer teaching compensation, etc.). The seminar participants share additional practices in the video.
Watch for more videos in this series on Mentoring Undergraduate Research and for research updates from the research seminar as participants continue to investigate key characteristics of mentoring, mentoring models, mentoring and student development, and building capacity for mentoring across faculty career stages.

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