July 14-15, 2024

The annual Conference on Engaged Learning showcases cutting-edge research on engaged learning. Each annual conference features multi-institutional research from a specific Center for Engaged Learning research seminar, invites research updates from past seminar participants and conference presenters, and encourages contributions from other scholars and practitioners studying engaged learning practices.

People sit at round tables, talking. Each table has several big sheets of paper covered with different colored, square sticky notes.

We invite scholars interested in engaged learning topics (particularly the themes listed in the full call for proposals) to join the culminating conversations of the 2022-2024 CEL Research Seminar on Work-Integrated Learning at the 2024 Conference on Engaged Learning at Elon University, July 14-15, 2024. We especially encourage proposals that attend to diversity, inclusion, and equity within or across these engaged learning practices.

Four people stand in front of an academic conference poster, visiting.

We welcome proposals from undergraduate researchers and student–faculty/staff partners. Student presenters and attendees will have opportunities for meet-ups during the conference.

We are hosting the conference in-person on Elon’s campus.

Submit a proposal by February 1, 2024. Read the full call for proposals.