This week the 2014 conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSoTL) convenes in Quebec City, Canada. In the weeks leading up to last year’s conference, the Center hosted ISSOTL Online 2013, featuring three (3) complementary strands on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) foundations and hot topics.
Although discussion at the site has closed, the week-by-week video interviews remain available for visitors to reference. Here’s a look back at the topics we covered in our Introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning strand:

Foundations and Key Characteristics

Week 1 videos examined defining characteristics of SoTL, shared examples of SoTL projects, offered a history of SoTL, and introduced reading recommendations from Randy Bass, Dan Bernstein, Mary Taylor Huber, Pat Hutchings, Sherry Linkon, and Garry Poole.
Pat Hutchings, Scholar in Residence, Gonzaga University, and Senior Scholar, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment, also described her Taxonomy of Questions from the Introduction to Opening Lines.

Controversies, Debates, and Tensions

Week 2 videos examined controversies, debates, and tensions in SoTL, including the Big Tent Debate. Dan Bernstein, Nancy Chick, Pat Hutchings, and Gary Poole also shared strategies for going public with SoTL research and making a case for SoTL in tenure, promotions, and reward systems.

Emerging Trends in SoTL

We wrapped up the online Introduction to SoTL with a look at Global Perspectives on SoTL in week 3, a fitting examination as ISSOTL 2014 kicks off in Canada and ISSOTL 2015 takes ISSOTL’s members to Australia. Arshad Ahmad, Randy Bass, Dan Bernstein, Tony Ciccone, Joelle Fanghanel, Mary Taylor Huber, Pat Hutchings, Katarina Mårtensson, Gary Poole, Joanna Renc-Roe, Jennifer Meta Robinson, and Kara Yanagida also discussed future directions and emerging trends in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

We’re thrilled that our Introduction to SoTL video series serves as a useful resource for new and continuing SoTL scholars. We continue to add to our video collection, so check back often for new resources.

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