Aaron Trocki, Associate Professor of Mathematics, is the 2023-2025 CEL Scholar. His CEL Scholar work focuses on models of assessment and feedback outside of traditional grading assumptions and approaches

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The hands of a person are visible writing on a paper at a classroom desk. A water bottle also sits on the desk. Text overlay reads, "Providing meaningful feedback requires the teacher to consider multiple examples of student thinking, activity, and products that model the potential and explanatory power of the discipline."

It’s Always Been Done That Way: Models of Assessment and Feedback

Many people would likely categorize the phrase, “it’s always been done that way” as a weak justification for a particular course of action. This phrase is contained in a larger quote attributed to Grace Hopper (1906-1992), Rear Admiral in the…

A student sits at a desk. She looks down at a few papers on the desk, which are filled with writing. She has one hand up to her forehead, and the other holds a pencil. Text overlay reads: "Quality teaching is not separate from quality assessment and feedback."

An Admission and Overview: Models of Assessment and Feedback

The week before my first teaching experience, I had a 20-minute chat with the assistant department chair on how to teach college students. He handed me a printout of class roles for two lab sections of Introduction to College Algebra—36…

Headshots of Aaron Trocki and Rachel Forsyth. "I think it's important that faculty would like to see the students' work, that they feel proud of what students have done."

Perspectives on Assessment and Feedback: Interview with Rachel Forsyth, Part 1 

While exploring various models of assessment and feedback in recent months, an opportunity presented itself to gain some expert perspectives on these topics. I recently met Rachel Forsyth, author of the book Confident Assessment in Higher Education, at the 2023…