Editorial Board members for the Open Access Book Series will have opportunities to…

  • Engage with emerging ideas about learning and teaching;
  • Participate in a dynamic, international network of scholars;
  • Support earlier-career scholars writing about learning and teaching;
  • Meet occasionally at conferences or other professional gatherings to discuss new trends and emerging ideas in engaged learning and teaching;
  • Facilitate book-related panels or roundtables at conferences;
  • Contribute blog posts reflecting on or conversing with ideas in series books;
  • Participate in video interviews to discuss ideas in the books; and
  • Indicate if there is a period in which they are not available to help and if there are Editorial Board activities in which they prefer to engage.

Editorial Board members for the Open Access Book Series will be asked to…

  • Meet virtually a couple times a year to participate in big picture thinking about emerging themes in engaged learning and teaching, gaps in the literature/practice, etc.
  • Share information about the book series with emerging/earlier-career scholars and established scholars to help recruit potential authors (and readers) for the series;
  • Review book series materials, proposals, or portions of manuscripts from their distinct expertise and perspectives (with targeted requests for their time spaced out across the calendar year);
  • Offer endorsements for relevant forthcoming books; and
  • Help promote series publications within their professional networks.

Editorial Board members will be featured on a webpage on the Open Access Book Series website. Over time, text-based bios will be supplemented by video clips. Editorial Board members will serve for 2-3 years, with opportunities for renewal.

Final decisions about proposals and book manuscripts will be made by the Series Editors.