Inside Higher Ed recently reviewed The Undergraduate Experience: Focusing Institutions on What Matters Most, a new book by the Center’s Executive Director Peter Felten and co-authors John Gardner (John N. Gardner Institute), Charles Schroeder (former vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Missouri), Leo Lambert (President, Elon University), and Betsy Barefoot (John N. Gardner Institute).
Drawing on recent research and the authors’ wealth of experience, The Undergraduate Experience identifies six core themes that are common to all effective higher education institutions: Learning, Relationships, Expectations, Alignment, Improvement, Leadership. These themes provide a framework for focusing both individual and institutional attention on what is most important in undergraduate education.
The Center is pleased to offer a video series to supplement the book. The videos are available on the The Undergraduate Experience website and the Center’s YouTube channel. In the video below, Betsy Barefoot, Peter Felten, John Gardner, and Leo Lambert discuss why relationships matter in the Undergraduate Experience.

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