When you research Integrating Global Learning with the University Experience, one of scholars‘ first challenges is understanding what we collectively mean by “global learning.” We asked participants in the Center’s Integrating Global Learning research seminar to share how the term is used on their own campuses:

As their responses demonstrate, global learning encompasses learning that happens in association with experiences with difference. Global learning might stem from international experiences with difference, but it also can develop from local experiences with difference. Global learning includes, but is not limited to, intercultural competency; it also includes global knowledge and encounters with global systems as learners engage in global citizenship. While these types of common threads emerge from scholars’ explanations of “global learning,” the term obviously also takes on local nuances in each institutional context – making it essential for scholars to explicitly articulate how they are using the term when they share their research.
In the coming weeks, we’ll share additional videos from the first summer meeting of the Integrating Global Learning seminar.

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