A group of people stand in front of a house with a grass roof. One person is pointing to something ahead of the group but out of frame. An overlay reads, "Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Global Contexts."

Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Global Contexts

60-Second SoTL – Episode 14 This week’s episode features an article from the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching and explores how faculty and staff support learning and development when they mentor undergraduate research in global contexts: Cruz, Laura, Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Amy L….

Many different countries' flags hang from strings through the air. With text overlaid: "When we assume that students need to go off our campuses and to other cultures to experience diversity, we have centered the majority experience as our campus experience. That is a problem."

Ableism in Academia: Study Abroad Experiences

One of the hallmark high-impact practices is engagement in diversity (AAC&U). Many campuses equate this to their study abroad experiences, which could be short-term, semester long, or combination programs. On our campus, Elon University, we have a high level of…

Mind the Gap Webinar

Mind the Gap – Webinar Series

The Center for Engaged Learning is pleased to host a free webinar series to support conversations about Mind the Gap: Global Learning at Home and Abroad, which showcases recent, multi-institutional research related to global learning. The webinar series features the collection editors and…

The Intersectional Context of Black Women Studying Abroad

In considering the intersectional context of Black women studying abroad, Willis (2015) channels Maya Angelou who writes that the Black woman exists in a “tripartite crossfire of masculine privilege, white illogical hate, and Black lack of power.” Nearly 14 years…

adding a service-learning aspect to study abroad programs appears to be an excellent way to amplify and maximize the immersive learning potential of the existing experience.

International Service-Learning

Imagine a group of college students, under the guidance of a professor, working on a community-driven project where the lived experience of members of that community and the problems they would like to solve are the driving force behind the…

I am struck by the challenge of engaging in partnership in such a group: is it possible for us to collectively develop deep, trusting, reciprocal relationships among ourselves and with our faculty partners? How will we navigate our various positionalities and identities, and our radically different experiences and kinds of expertise?

Global Learning and Partnership

by Sophia Abbot Last January, I took a class on Engaged Learning in Higher Education. I wrote a little bit about this class in my spring post on Partnership and Mentorship at Scale, but one thing I didn’t mention was…