Potential posts to the Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) blog can cover a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • syntheses of research on engaged learning or high-impact educational practices;
  • reflections on recent engaged learning publications;
  • previews of in-process research on high-impact educational practices;
  • showcases of Center for Engaged Learning research initiatives;
  • updates on Center for Engaged Learning projects;
  • snapshots of recent publications related to Center for Engaged Learning projects;
  • strategies for conducting research on student learning; or
  • other examinations of how to do high-impact practices well, how to scale them to many students, and how students integrate their learning across multiple high-impact experiences.

Posts will be reviewed by the Center’s staff to determine if the potential post is timely, relevant to the Center’s mission, adheres to the following style guidelines, and supports the Center’s goals for its web content. The Center may request revisions and edits before the post is accepted.


Posts should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Posts should be 500-1000 words long. Longer posts may be considered as a two-part series, if the content merits additional space and lends itself to division into two parts.
  • Post titles should be 5-7 words long and descriptive of the post content.
  • Posts should be written in active voice, using clear, concise language and short paragraphs.
  • Sources should be integrated
    • As in-text links when possible, or
    • As parenthetical citations with corresponding entries in a references list. The preferred citation style is Chicago Author-Date (effective January 2019).
    • For help re-formatting APA citations as Chicago style, view our handy guide.
  • Authors should include a relevant image (e.g., a photo of a research site or research team described in the post, an illustrative figure, etc.), when possible. Images should be submitted as separate files (preferably .JPGs), not embedded in the text of the post. Only use Creative Commons images or images that you created or have permission to use, and always credit image authors (e.g. Image Credit: Author Name).
  • Authors should include information for a byline: their name, their institutional affiliation and position, and their preferred email for correspondence about the post
  • To improve SEO (search engine optimization), please:
    • Create a key phrase, a specific, short string of words that describes the post. Think about what words your readers might use in a Google search to find your content. Use this key phrase in your post title, at least one heading, your first paragraph, and at least a couple of additional times throughout your post.
    • Use short, easy-to-read headings to break up your article and make it more scannable.
    • Include links in your blog post to related content (this could be other CEL blog posts or other writing online). However, only link to content that you think will be truly useful to your readers.
    • Share your post on social media, or link to the post from other places that make sense (for example, your university directory page, personal website, or other related writing published online).

CEL Reviews and CEL Retrospectives

The Center also publishes CEL Reviews of recent authored and edited books on engaged learning and teaching and CEL Retrospective Reviews of classic or foundational articles, chapters, and authored and edited books on engaged learning and teaching. See the guidelines for CEL Reviews and CEL Retrospectives here.

Submission Process

Email your post to Jessie L. Moore ( and include “CEL Blog Post” in the subject line. Jessie will confirm receipt, typically within 48 hours, and will notify you of the review decision about the submission, typically within 2 weeks. If a submission is accepted, Jessie also will indicate when the post is scheduled for publication on Accepted posts typically undergo light editing by our publishing staff who will follow up if they have questions about your post.

Reach & Citation

CEL’s website averages approximately 7,000 visitors each month, with readers accessing the site from around the globe (over 190 countries and counting).

Blog posts can be cited as follows:

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