Center Staff

Peter Felten, Executive Director | 336.278.6609 |

Peter Felten, Executive Director

Peter Felten is executive director of the Center for Engaged Learning, assistant provost for teaching and learning, and professor of history at Elon University. He works with colleagues on institution-wide teaching and learning initiatives, and on the scholarship of teaching and learning. As a teacher and mentor, he regularly writes and presents with Elon undergraduates, and he works with Elon College and Honors Fellows on their research. As a scholar, he is particularly interested in learning and teaching, individual and institutional change, and student experiences and agency in higher education. His books include the co-authored volumes: The Undergraduate Experience: Focusing Institutions on What Matters Most (Jossey-Bass, 2016); Transforming Students: Fulfilling the Promise of Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014); Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching (Jossey-Bass, 2014); Transformative Conversations (Jossey-Bass, 2013); and the co-edited book Intersectionality in Action (Stylus, 2016). He has served as president of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (2016-17) and also of the POD Network (2010-2011), the U.S. professional society for educational developers. He is co-editor of the International Journal for Academic Development and a fellow of the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education. Learn more about Peter’s scholarship.

Jessie L. Moore, Director | 336.278.5649 |

Jessie L. Moore is director of the Center for Engaged Learning and professor of English: Professional Writing & Rhetoric. She leads planning, implementation, and assessment of the Center’s research seminars. As a Seminar Leader for the 2011-2013 Elon Research Seminar on Critical Transitions: Writing and the Question of Transfer, she facilitated multi-institutional research on writing transfer. She is the co-editor of Critical Transitions: Writing and the Question of Transfer (with Chris Anson, The WAC Clearinghouse and University Press of Colorado, 2016) and Understanding Writing Transfer: Implications for Transformative Student Learning in Higher Education (with Randy Bass, Stylus, 2017). In addition to publishing on transfer, her recent scholarship focuses on multi-institutional research and collaborative inquiry, writing residencies for faculty writers, the writing lives of university students, and high-impact pedagogies. She serves as the elected Secretary (2015-2019) for the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) and as U.S. Regional Vice President (2016-2018) for the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Jessie previously served on the CCCC Executive Committee (2010-2013). Learn more about Jessie’s scholarship.

Jennie Goforth, Managing Editor | 336.278.5788 |

Jennie Goforth, Managing Editor for the Center for Engaged Learning, oversees the Center’s ongoing publishing operations, including two book series, to produce peer-reviewed publications on engaged learning that feature work from the Center’s research seminars and think tanks, and other international research on high-impact educational practices.

Sophia Abbot, Graduate Apprentice | 336.278.6927 |

Sophia Abbot is the Graduate Apprentice for the Center for Engaged Learning and a graduate student in Elon’s Masters of Higher Education. Since her undergraduate participation in Students as Learners and Teachers at Bryn Mawr College, she has been active in student-faculty partnerships and partnership research. Prior to graduate school, she spent three years as an academic developer and launched and led a student-faculty pedagogic partnership initiative during that time. She has presented extensively on partnership, and serves on the International Advisory Board for the International Journal for Students as Partners. She currently serves as a student representative and member of the ISSoTL Board of Directors. In her work in CEL, she is interested in student engagement and equity in teaching in higher education more broadly, turning her lens to the way high-impact practices support student learning.

Chris Sulva, Program Coordinator | 336.278.5106 |

Chris Sulva assists with logistics of the Center’s programs and events. In addition, he supports the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.