book cover for Promoting Equity and Justice through Pedagogical Partnership
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ISBN: 9781642672091

June 2021

This chapter of Promoting Equity and Justice through Pedagogical Partnership introduces the focus of the book: how pedagogical partnerships can contribute to redressing multiple forms of violence and associated harms and promoting greater equity and justice in postsecondary education. Chapter 1 defines key terms, such as equity-seeking groups traditionally underrepresented in postsecondary education, pedagogical partnership, violence, harm, and injustice. It then introduces the four authors, Alise de Bie, Elizabeth Marquis, Alison Cook-Sather, and Leslie Luqueño, and their connections to equity work and pedagogical partnership. The introduction also contextualizes the book within current and ongoing efforts to redress systemic injustices that persist in postsecondary education and offers the book and pedagogical partnership as a contribution to this discussion and work.

Discussion Questions

  • What approaches to redressing injustice in postsecondary education already exist within your educational context? What injustices persist?
  • What brings you to this particular conversation about the contribution of pedagogical partnership to equity and justice?
  • What specific questions, concerns, cases, curiosities, dilemmas, or desires do you bring with you to your reading of this book?