Please review the following information to inform your presentation planning.

Poster Guidelines

All posters will be attached to display boards at the poster session and dessert reception. Your poster should be:

  • 48” wide x 36” tall in landscape orientation
  • Printed on poster paper or cloth

We will provide binder clips you can use to attach your poster. The display boards are 48″ wide x 36″ tall, so please double-check that your printed poster matches those dimensions.

We recommend using:

  • 72-80 pt font for titles/headings
  • 24-44 pt font for text blocks
  • either short URLs or QR codes if you include hyperlinks

Concurrent Session Guidelines

Individual research presentations are scheduled for 30 minutes. Allocate at least 10 minutes of your presentation time for discussion and Q&A. Your presentation will be paired with another 30-minute presentation in a 60-minute session, and a moderator will help ensure both presenters have 30 minutes total to present and answer questions or facilitate discussion.

Group research presentations are scheduled for 60 minutes. Allocate at least 10 minutes of your presentation time for discussion and Q&A.

Concurrent session workshops are scheduled for 60 minutes. They share strategies for implementing evidence-/research-informed practices and should interactively engage participants throughout the session.

Notes for all concurrent session presenters:

  • All presentation rooms will have a laptop or desktop, a projector, and a mic.
  • We encourage you to consider how to engage your audience throughout your presentation and to use inclusive presentation practices, including:
    • Using the mic,
    • Providing a link or QR code for your slides so that audience members can follow along on their own devices,
    • Minimizing the amount of text on slides,
    • Using color contrast to aid readability (e.g., white background and black text),
    • Captioning any videos,
    • Speaking clearly, without rushing, and
    • Describing images, graphs, and charts.