The Center’s director, Jessie L. Moore, and Elon colleagues Paul C. Miller (Assistant Provost for Academic Operations and Communications) and Danielle Lake (Director of Design Thinking) presented “Supporting Integrative Learning Through Prompted Reflection: Developing a Mentoring Toolkit for HIPs” on February 20, 2020, at the HIPs in the States conference.
Here are materials from their presentation:

Elon has charted a course of institutional success and distinctiveness through decades of commitment to high-impact, engaged, experiential learning designed to reach all Elon students. In fact, all Elon graduates complete a significant learning experience in one or more of the Elon Experiences. Recognizing that there is deep and impactful learning that stems from participation in the Elon Experiences, and in order for that learning to be ongoing, meaningful reflection and purposeful integration must be encouraged and supported. To that end, the Facilitating Integration and Reflection of the Elon Experiences (FIRE2) toolkit was developed as a platform for students to pursue a deeper understanding of what they learned through their Elon Experiences. Ultimately, this toolkit can be used to help students make meaningful connections among their Elon Experiences and their curricular choices, career interests, and community engagements.

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