Book cover for Connections Are Everything: A College Student's Guide to Relationship-Rich Education by Peter Felten, Leo M. Lambert, Isis Artze-Vega, and Oscar R. Miranda Tapia. An illustration of a female student in graduation cap and gown is surrounded by illustrations of various people (other students, professors, and many other people) -- all these people are connected by lines, forming a network.
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ISBN: 9781421443126

Johns Hopkins University Press, July 2023

The four authors of this book—Isis, Leo, Oscar, and Peter—have a wide range of experiences in colleges and universities (below you can find a short biography and picture of each of us). We have worked and studied at community colleges, state universities, small private colleges, big research universities, and the Ivy League. Two of us are first-generation college graduates. We have had a variety of job titles from president to assistant director, professor to tutor; beyond higher education, we also have been bartenders, truck drivers, ice cream scoopers, tree nursery workers, and magazine writers. We are from small towns and big cities, and we range from millennials to baby boomers, and we grew up in low to middle-income families. Two of us are bilingual, three of us are parents, one of us is an immigrant, and one is a grandparent. But beyond all these traits, we were also students, and our careers have been dedicated to supporting and challenging students to achieve their dreams for higher education.

Photo of Peter Felten

Peter Felten

Peter Felten is the executive director of the Center for Engaged Learning, the assistant provost for teaching and learning, and a professor of history at Elon University.

Photo of Leo M. Lambert

Leo M. Lambert

Leo M. Lambert is president emeritus and professor at Elon University. Felten and Lambert are coauthors of Relationship-Rich Education: How Human Connections Drive Success in College.

Photo of Isis Artze-Vega

Isis Artze-Vega

Isis Artze-Vega is the college provost and vice president for academic affairs at Valencia College. She is a coauthor of The Norton Guide to Equity-Minded Teaching.

Photo of Oscar R. Miranda Tapia

Oscar R. Miranda Tapia

Oscar R. Miranda Tapia is pursuing his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development at North Carolina State University.