Book cover for Connections Are Everything: A College Student's Guide to Relationship-Rich Education by Peter Felten, Leo M. Lambert, Isis Artze-Vega, and Oscar R. Miranda Tapia. An illustration of a female student in graduation cap and gown is surrounded by illustrations of various people (other students, professors, and many other people) -- all these people are connected by lines, forming a network.
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ISBN: 9781421443126

Johns Hopkins University Press, July 2023

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This chapter concludes the book by synthesizing six overarching ideas about relationship-rich education, and sharing advice from some of the students we interviewed.

Six things to remember about relationship-rich education:

  1. Relationships will help you succeed in college.
  2. Relationships will make your college experience more meaningful.
  3. The relationships you form in college will  matter long  after you graduate.
  4. Relationship building in college prepares you to work and live in a diverse world.
  5. You will both benefit from and contribute to relationships in college.
  6. You have what it takes to build relationships in college.