Book cover for Learning on Location: Place-Based Approaches for Diverse Learners in Higher Education by Ashley J. Holmes. Series on Engaged Learning and Teaching
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ISBN: 9781642674217

November 2023

Chapter 5 of Learning on Location focuses on logistics to consider when preparing for curricular changes resulting from newly developed location-based initiatives or course activities. I invite educators and administrators to envision curricular change with the metaphor of getting into a body of water—whether that’s dipping a toe, dangling legs or arms, slipping-in waist high, or jumping in canon-ball style. For each of these metaphoric possibilities we might envision their corresponding requirements and risks; each requires different levels of commitment, partnership- and relationship-building, labor, and workload. How we “enter the water” of curricular change is a decision that can have ripples impacting a range of stakeholders within programs, departments, entire campuses.

This resource challenges you to consider how your learning activities will engage with student experience, critical conceptions of place and space, reflection, issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as partnership and stewardship.

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