Book cover for Learning on Location: Place-Based Approaches for Diverse Learners in Higher Education by Ashley J. Holmes. Series on Engaged Learning and Teaching
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ISBN: 9781642674217

November 2023

Chapter 7 acknowledges that we are experiencing significant shifts in higher education— not only in the increasing diversity of student groups choosing to continue their studies but also in the unpredictable changes in the world that have impacted college enrollments, student retention, and modes of engagement within course-based learning. The chapter reinforces that learning on location as a framework values the external world and public spaces as central to teaching and learning, inviting opportunities for renewal and growth through place-making. This concluding chapter highlights how the lens of location calls us to reflect: what are we doing here in this place of higher education? Learning on location roots the process of place-making within student experience, reflection, partnership, and stewardship, offering educators a framework for enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion goals by locating them.