Book cover for Learning on Location: Place-Based Approaches for Diverse Learners in Higher Education by Ashley J. Holmes. Series on Engaged Learning and Teaching
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ISBN: 9781642674217

November 2023

Chapter 6 discusses many of the logistics of assigning learning on location and offers strategies for instructors wishing to incorporate this approach into their course designs. The chapter prompts educators and administrators to begin thinking through questions such as where to locate meaningful learning experiences, how to prepare students for learning on location, and what options may be available for course scheduling and transportation. This chapter also features several unique learning on location programs, grant-funded projects, and research-driven approaches that, in some cases, connect with individual courses but also broaden in scope beyond only a course-based model. Chapter 6 provides recommendations for designing courses and programs in ways that account for the diversity of student experiences and identities when implementing learning on location pedagogies.

Discussion Questions

  1. Chapter 6 describes a range of questions to consider when developing and implementing learning on location. Which of the models for scheduling and/or transportation seem most fitting for implementing location-based learning on your campus?
  2. What opportunities currently exist (or may exist in the future) for developing grant-funded projects or community partnerships that leverage learning on location?